ABELMOSCHUS MOSCHATUS also Known as Ambrette Seeds, Hibiscus Abelmoschus, Musk Mallow, Musk Okra, Ornamental Okra, etc..,
Abelmoschus moschatus

Abelmoschus moschatus

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Abelmoschus Moschatus
Seeds, Seeds Oil
Cultivated in india
Seeds, Oil
Ambrette Seeds, Hibiscus Abelmoschus, Musk Mallow, Musk Okra, Ornamental Okra, Annual Hibiscus, Yorka Okra, Galu Gasturi, Bamia Moschata


Abelmoschus moschatus(Hibiscus abelmoschus) is an aromatic and medicinal plant in the Malvaceae family. The seeds have a sweet, flowery, heavy fragrance similar to that of musk. Despite its tropical origin the plant is frost hardy.

Also known in names such as Kasturibenda, kasturidana, kadu kasturi, or Kattukasthuri, the plant Abelmoschus Moschatus could be recognized with its musk-scented seeds that are mainly useful in medicine and perfumery. The seeds are also known as Ambrette seeds, have a volatile oil present in their seed coat. Ambrette oil was formerly highly appreciated in perfumery.

The seeds of this medicinal herb are valued for their demulcent, diuretic and stomachic properties. They are served as well as an antiseptic, a stimulant, a tonic, and an aphrodisiac. They are also served as cooling and carminative agents.

The infusion, decoction or tincture of the seeds are used in cases of nervous debility, nervous disorders, and hysteria. The seeds are used as insect-repellant in sachet powders.

The leaves and roots are used as medication for venereal diseases. The yellow portion of the petals is used in myricetin, flavonoids and cannabiscitrin.

The plant is considered to pacify aggravated kapha, bronchitis, asthma, pitta, nausea, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, flatulence, colic, calculi, burning sensation, vomiting, and nervous system disorders in the Ayurvedic treatments.