ADIANTUM CAPILLUS also Known as Maidenhair Fern, Lady Fern
Adiantum Capillus

Adiantum Capillus

Botanical Name
Family Name
Part Used
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Common Names
Adiantum Capillus
Fronds, Leaves And Rhizomes
Woodland garden; dappled shade; shady edge and cultivated beds
Leaves, Wholeplant
Maidenhair Fern, Lady Fern


Decoction of leaves (fronds) as tea for chest afflictions, colds, coughs, snoring. Promotes appetite and digestive aid. Also, gently laxative; Decoction of rhizomes as tea for cough, respiratory problems, fevers, and abdominal colic.

Externally, for a variety of skin diseases and inflammatory conditiions.It is used as a postpartum tonic, in doses of two tablespoons every two hours. Regulates menstruation.

Used as a lotion for falling hair and baldness. In Peruvian Amazon, fronds as infusion or syrup used as diurectic, expectorant and emmenagogue.In Pakistan, the plant is used for diabetes.

In Ayurveda, Adiantum spp. used for colds, tumors of the liver and spleenm skin diseases, bronchitis and inflammatory diseases.