ALOE VERA also Known as Aloe, Barbados Aloe, Curacao Aloe, Indian Aloe, Ghi Kunvar
Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera
Aloe, Barbados Aloe, Curacao Aloe, Indian Aloe, Ghi Kunvar
Flowers, Roots, Leaves
South and south western india
Aloe Vera Gel/ Jucie/ Aloe Vera Glycerine/ Alre Vera Body Lotion/ Aloe Vera Shampoo / Aloe Vera Body Massage Cream/ Aloe Vera Body Wash/Aloe Vera Pimple Gel / Aloe Vera Hair Gel


Aloe vera is one of the oldest known medicinal plants gifted by nature, Aloe vera often called Miracle plant known by many names, there are over 200 types of aloe vera of these only 4 or 5 are commonly used in medicines.

The most widely used variety of aloe vera is Barbadensis Millar. It is perennial, succulent plant with stiff fleshy leaves. Aloe vera is a clear thin gelatinous material that comes from inside the aloe vera leaves.Aloe vera products are available in various forms like capsules, gel, juice and those that are applied directly to the skin. it has cooling effect and bitter in taste, It contains aloin that is responsible for its purgative action so it is known to relieve constipation.

It regulates the peristaltic movements of intestines & promotes digestion, the liver & spleen function are stimulated by the use of this herb. Research work carried out over many years points conclusively to a toxic colon being the cause of a very wide range of illness, in establishing a regime of regular daily dose of aloe vera juice it may not only be found that the effects are gradual gentle and with no irritant or harmful side effects, but also blood circulation will be improved due to aloe Vera's ability to detoxify.

Also being a natural healer, any internal ulcers or lesions will be soothed and healing will be enhanced. Aloe vera leave has some ingredients like Vitamin, Minerals, Amino acid, Polysaccharides, Enzymes, Plant steroids, Saponins, Lignin, Anthraquin ones Salicylic acid which are necessary for human bodies.