ALPINIA GALANGA also Known as China root , Chinese ginger , East Indian root, Galangal , Rhizoma galangae . Galanga Root etc..,
Alpinia Galanga

Alpinia Galanga

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Alpinia Galanga
Alpinia officinarum Hance
Zingiberaceae (gingers)
Galangal roots, Galangal rhizomes
China root , Chinese ginger , East Indian root , galangal , rhizoma galangae . Galanga Root, Greater Galanga, Siamese Ginger, Siamese Galanga, Java Galangal, El Galangal, El Adkham,hang Dou Kou, Laos, Galgant, Naukyo, Lenkuas, Galanga Maior, Grosser Galgant, Da Liang Jiang, Gran

The plant is fairly largely used in Southern India. In Mysore, it is a domestic medicine much used by old people with bronchial catarrh.. The rhizomes are useful in rheumatism and catarrhal affections. Tubers and seeds are used as a fragrant adjunct to complex prescriptions.

Hakims consider there to be a good remedy for impotence and nervous debility. The drug is a popular remedy fir many respiratory ailments. Yajolu found that administration of paste of A. galanga in honey lessened the paroxysms of cough in children suffering from whooping cough.

In affections of the gastro-intestinal tract drug can be used like other volatile oils. It has got the advantage of having a very pleasant odour and thus may be used in cough and digestive mixtures. IT has been suggested that ir may be useful in intestinal and biliary colic.

Used also in dyspepsia, fevers, incontinence of urine and also advocated in diabetes mellitus and said to diminish the quantity of urine; it is used to destroy bad smell in the mouth and in other parts of the body; used to improve the voice in throat affections.

It is nauseant, stomachic, anthelmentic, stimulants, emetic, expectorant, carminative, antispasmodic and nervine sedative. Rhizome is used in the cure of host of diseases such as epilepsy, mental; ailments, chronic diarrhoea and dysentery. It is used in incense sticks and dhup and is widely used as insecticide for lice, bedbugs, worms etc.

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