ANDROGRAPHIS PANICULATA also Known as Kalmegh, Green chireyta, King of Bitter, Bhunimba
Andrographis paniculata

Andrographis paniculata

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Andrographis paniculata
Whole Plant, Leaves
This annual is common in hedgerows throughout the plains of India, cultivated in gardens from Lucknow to Assam, especially in Bengal
Whole Plant, Leaves
Kalmegh, Green chireyta, King of Bitter, Bhunimba


This shrub is well known as 'kalmegh' and forms the principal ingredient of a house hold medicine called 'alui' which is extensively used in Bengal. Alui is prepared and prescribed as follows:

Take cumin, aniseed, capsules of greater cardamoms-pound them well wwith expressed leaves of the juice of kalmegh; the mass thus prepared is divided into small pills and ordinary dose. 3 to 6 Kirata Tablets or pills, each of 5 grains, are given every morning with water and honey, according to the virulence of attacks in malaria.

Decoction or infusion of the leaves has been used with satisfactory results in sluggish liver, neuralgia certain forms of dyspepsia associated with gaseous distention of the bowels in general debility , in convalescence after fevers and in advanced stages of dysentery.

Decoction or strong infusion of the root-stalks and leaves is household febrifuge, bitter tonic, alternative anthelmintic and antiperiodic, useful in ague or intermittent fevers. The whole plant being an intensely bitter to be in no way inferior to other bitters mentioned in the B.P. It is easily available, very cheap and merits better recognition.