ANETHUM GRAVEOLENS also Known as Dill, Dill Weed, Garden Dill
Anethum Graveolens

Anethum Graveolens

Botanical Name
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Part Used
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Common Names
Anethum Graveolens
Fruits And Leaves
It is found in tropical and sub-tropical parts of india and cultivated throughout india.
Leaves, wholeplant, oil
Dill, Dill Weed, Garden Dill


Dill seeds are use to treat colic or gas in children aged under two. Many herbalists recommend combining dill and fennel to ease colic in infants.

Dill makes a useful addition to cough, cold and flu remedies, and is a mild diuretic. Dill increases milk production, and when taken regularly by nursing mothers. Dill tea, made with water or white wine, is a popular remedy for upset stomach. Dill also helps stimulate appetite, and a decoction of the seed may be helpful for insomnia as well as for pains due to flatulence.