ARGYREIA NERVOSA also Known as Baby Hawaiian Woodrose, Baby Woodrose, Cordon Seda, Elephant Creeper,etc..,
Argyreia Nervosa

Argyreia Nervosa

Botanical Name
Family Name
Part Used
Product offered
Extract or Alkaloid
Common Names
Argyreia Nervosa
Seeds, Leaves and root
Throughout India
seed, Wood
Baby Hawaiian Woodrose, Baby Woodrose, Cordon Seda, Elephant Creeper, Liane A Minguet, Liane D' Argent, Samudrasokh, Silver Morning Glory, Woolly Morning Glory. Original Argyreia Seeds


Root is alternative and tonic; powdered root is given milk in synovitis and syphilis. Leaves are antiphlogistic and used in skin disease. Under-surface of the leaf is irritant and is used to hasten maturation and suppuration.

It sometimes acts as a vesicant. Upper surface is cooling and supposed to posses healing qualities. As an alternative and nervine tonic. Powdered root is soaked seven times during seven days in the juice of the tubers of asparagus racemosus and dried.

The resulting powder is given in doses of a quarter to half a tola with clarified butter for about a month. It improves intellect, strengthens body and prevents effects of age. Root of this plant forms n ingredient of compound powder known as Ajmodadi Cburna which is useful in rheumatic affections and hemiplegia