BERBERIS ARISTATA also Known as Tree Turmeric, Indian Barberry, Ophthalmic Barberry
Berberis Aristata

Berberis Aristata

Botanical Name
Family Name
Part Used
Product offered
Extract or Alkaloid
Common Name
Berberis Aristata
Bark, Fruit, Root, Stem And Wood
Bark, stem
It is found in himalayan region, distributed from kashmir to uttarakhand.
Tree Turmeric, Indian Barberry, Ophthalmic Barberry


It is one of very important medicinal plants. Almost every part of this plant has some medicinal value. Its roots, stem, bark and fruits are used in many ayurvedic preparations.

It is given as a cooling laxative to children. The dried extract of the roots is used as an application in ophthalmia.

It is also an excellent medication in the case of sun-blindness The bark of its root is a valuable medicine in intermittent and remittent fevers. The root is one of the few really good medicines in India. In its efficacy, it is almost equal to quinine and Warburg's tincture.

A very valuable preparation called rasaut is prepared from this plant. Rasaut is fairly soluble in water. It is mixed with butter and alum, or with opium and lime-juice and is applied externally to the eyelids to cure ophthalmia and other eye diseases.

Rasaut is used as a purgative for children and as a blood-purifier, a tonic and a febrifuge. It is also given in diarrhoea, jaundice and skin diseases. A watery solution of this preparation is also used for washing piles, Oriental sores and glandular swellings