CALLICARPA MACROPHYLLA also Known as Priyangu, Beauty Berry
Callicarpa Macrophylla

Callicarpa Macrophylla

Botanical Name
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Common Names
Callicarpa Macrophylla
Flowers, Fruits
Western himalaya from kashmir to assam, arunachal pradesh and in northern andhra pradesh, also in maharashtra, uttar pradesh and uttaranchal
Leaves, Fruit
Priyangu, Beauty Berry


The fruits leave and flowers of priyangu have great medicinal vale and are used for medicinal purpose both, internally as well as externally, externally, the poultice of the leaves is applied on swollen and painful joints in arthritis and gout. It is used as a deodorant in excessive sweating. In burning sensation of the body, fever and headache it is extremely beneficial . The powder of the flowers is salutary in dressing the non-healing and foul ulcers and wounds. The flowers are used for its oil preparation, which promotes the growth of hair. The seeds are cooling, astringent, anti-diarrhoeal, constipation, alleviate pitta and kapha doshas and are flatulent. The fragrant variety, gandha or sugandha priyangu(Prunus mahaleb) is refrigerant, gragrant and is useful in burning sensation of the body, fever, skin ailments and blood disorders due to bitiation of pitta dosha. The flowers are used as eye drops in conjunctivitis.

Internally, priyangu powder is given along with sugar in hyperacidity, with great benefit. The bulbs of kamala (Nelumbium speciosum). Tender fruits of udumbara (Ficus racemosa) and priyangu cooked in milk, are given in pregnancy to alleviate the bleeding. Priyangu stimulates the appetite. Alleviates vata and are astringent, hence, used in anorexia, abdominal pain, tumors and dysentery. It is a potent blood purifier and alleviates the pitta dosha, thus useful in raktapitta and blood disorders. In diabetes of pitta type, it is recommended as a mutra virajaniya herb, which gives colour to urine. In fever and burning sensation of the body, priyangu is highly recommended because of its cold potency and bitter taste. It is one of the best bitter tonics used in general debility and also as a detoxifier, being visaghna in property.