CALOTROPIS PROCERA also Known as Giant Swallow Wort, Milkweed
Calotropis Procera

Calotropis Procera

Botanical Name
Family Name
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Common Name(s)
Calotropis Procera
Mainly Bark, Roots And Whole Plant.
Throughout india, in dry waste places.
Leaves, Seeds, Fruits, Flowers
Giant Swallow Wort, Milkweed


The root skin, latex, flowers, leaves and the ksara of arka are used for medicinal purpose. Arka is useful both, internally as well as externally. The poultice of its leaves effectively reduces the pain and swelling in rheumatic joints and filariasis. The medicated oil is beneficial in otitis and deafness; The topical sprinkle of dried leaves powder hastens the wound healing. In glandular swellings the topical application of latex reduces the inflammation. In skin diseases, associated with depigmentation, the latex combined with mustard oil, works well. The fomentation with its leaves, slightly warmed with thin coat of castor oil, is beneficial to relieve the abdominal pain. The local application of latex is recommended in hairfall and baldness. It also, is useful in piles. The latex also mitigates the dental aches.

Internally, arka is very useful many diseases, especially in ascites. The latex as a strong purgative and accumulations breaking imparts excellent results in ascites of kapha type and hepatosplenomegaly with ascites. To alleviate the oedema in such conditions, of kapha origin, the decoction of its roots combined with triphala and honey, is salutary. In asthma and cough, the flowers and the root skin of arka are commonly used. As a blood purifier, it is benevolent is filariasis and syphilis, The red flowers alleviate raktapitta. In chronic dermatoses, the root skin is recommended with honey.

The large doses of its latex and leaf juice produces toxic symptoms like burning in throat, irriation of the stomach, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, tremors, vertigo and convulsions. In these conditions, withdraw the use of arka or its preparations and advise the milk and ghee in diet.