CITRUS AURANTIUM also Known as Bigarade Orange, Bitter Orange, Seville Orange (sweet), Portugal Orange, Citrus Dulcis
citrus Aurantium

Citrus Aurantium

Botanical Name
Family Name
Part Used
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Common Name
Citrus Aurantium
Fruit, Flowers, Peel
Cultivated throughout india.
Flower, Peel
Bigarade Orange, Bitter Orange, Seville Orange (sweet), Portugal Orange, Citrus Dulcis


Increases metabolism and calorie expenditure.
Promotes weight loss and accelerates removal of unwanted fat stores.
Increases energy and physical performance.
Works as an appetite suppressant.
Helps with chest congestion and good expectorant for coughs.
Stimulates gastrointestinal functions.
Calms the nerves.
Good for digestive disorders like nausea, bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain and constipation

Metabolism Booster Citrus Aurantium may help boost metabolism, which turns fat deposits into energy. Extended use may help to manage weight and stave off the effects of obesity. A great energy booster, it gives the body much needed help with carrying out its day-to-day activities.
Appetite Suppressant
Citrus Aurantium can work as an appetite suppressant to curb overeating and the urge to indulge. When you limit your food intake, your body does not need to store excess nutrients as fat deposits and harmful toxins.
Congestion Relief
Citrus Aurantium may work well to help relieve chest congestion and coughs. Unlike over-the-counter cold medications, this is an all-natural product which has no known side effects and allows for full absorption in the body.
Calming Agent
Citrus Aurantium can work as a natural calming agent. A syrup prepared from its flowers has been used as a sedative.
Digestive Health
In Italy, Mexico and Latin America, decoctions of the leaves are used to help diminish several digestive issues like nausea and indigestion. Bloating and constipation can also be alleviated. It may also help to ease stomach and abdominal pain.
Energy Booster
Citrus Aurantium may work as a powerful energy booster, giving raw energy to the body to disperse as needed. This energy can then be used to increase physical performance in a wide manner of ways, with sexual health and potency being a popular side eff

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