CONVOLVULUS ALSINOIDES also Known as Dwarf Morning-glory, Shankhpushpi, Shankhahuli
Convolvulus Alsinoides

Convolvulus Alsinoides

Botanical Name
Family Name
Part Used
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Common Name(s)
Convolvulus Alsinoides
Whole Plant
Commonly growing throughout india and also cultivated.
Wholeplant, Fruit, Pods
Dwarf Morning-glory, Shankhpushpi, Shankhahuli


Convolvulus Alsinoides is helpful in nervous exhaustion, memory loss, nootropic agent, general weakness, loss of memory, scofula. It is used as rasayan.

The leaves of Shankhpushpi are used in treating chronic bronchitis and asthma. The root is used for childhood fever, and the oil stimulates the growth of hair. Using the whole plant in the form of a decoction with cumin and milk is used to treat fever.

Shankhpushpi herb is still a preferred method for reducing symptoms associated with anxiety, panic attacks, nervousness and insomnia.