CYPERUS ROTUNDUS also Known as Nutgrass, Coco Grass.
Cyperus Rotundus

Cyperus Rotundus

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Common Names
Cyperus Rotundus
Weed found all over india
Rhizomes, Oil
Nutgrass, Coco Grass.


The bulbous roots of mustaka have great medicinal value and are used for medicinal purpose. It is used both, internally as well as externally. The root extract oil instilled into eyes in conjunctivitis reduces the pain, redness and ocular discharges. The external application of its paste relieves itching and reduces the foul odor due to excessive sweating, and is salutary in skin diseases like scabies, eczema etc. Application of its paste on the breasts purifies the breast milk. In obesity, the massage with its dry powder (udvartana) is extremely beneficial for reducing the subcutaneous fat deposition.

Internally, mustaka is used in vast range of diseases. It is one of the best herbs, useful in digestive disorders. It is a keen stimulant for appetite, digestion, digestion of ama, and is also vermicide, astringent. Therefore, it is an effective remedy for distaste, vomiting, diarrhea, colitis, dyspepsia, worms etc, Mustaka is highly praised as the best panacea for dental diarrhea in children. It works well in combination with karkatasrngi (Rhus succedanea) and ativisa (Aconitum heterophyllum) in such condition. In dental ciarrhoea, traditionally, the decoction of mustaka combined with mustaka powder (1gm) is given with great benefit. In mental debility and epilepsy, it is given along with cow’s milk. It also promotes the intelligent whereas, mustaka is potent amapacaka (digests the ama). Hence, mustaka should be used in diarrhea, associated with fever and excessive thirst. It is beneficial in cough and asthma as it alleviates the kapha Mustaka is the best herb for treating any type of fever. The decoction of its roots is the best remedy for purifying the breast milk in lactation mothers. It is also one of the most effective menstrual regulators. It helps to promote and regulate the menstruation (emmenagogue). As an emmenagogue, it can be used with satavari (Asparagus racemosus) in proportions of 1:4 in burning micturition, urinary calculi; heamaturia etc. mustaka renders excellent results, as it is diuretic in property.