ECLIPTA PROSTATA also Known as Eclipta, False Daisy, Han Lian Cao, Takasaburou, Yerba De Tago,congo Lanna
Eclipta Prostata

Eclipta Prostata

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Eclipta Prostata
Whole Plant
Wet places in fields in india, korea and japan.
Eclipta, False Daisy, Han Lian Cao, Takasaburou, Yerba De Tago,congo Lanna


Medicinal Uses : The plant is bitter, acid acrid thermogenic, alliterative, anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic anodyne, vulnerary, ophthalmic, digestive, carminative, haematic, diuretic, aphorodisiac, trichogenous, debostruant,depurative and febrifuge and is useful in hepatosplenomeglay, elephantiasis, inflammations, vitiated conditions of vata, gastropathy, anorexia, helminthiais, skin diseases, wounds ulcers, ophthalmopathy, debility, hypertension, strangury, leprosy, pruritus, fever, jaundice, odontalgia otalgia and cephalagia. It is good for blackening and strengthening of the hair, for stopping hemorrhages and fluxes, and for strengthening the gums. The seeds are good for increasing sexual vigour.

Cosmetic uses : Promotes hair growth, removes graying, balding, makes the hair darker. Make a hair oil by boiling leaf juice in coconut oil. It is therefore widely used in Shampoos, Hair oil. It cures skin diseases, premature greying. hair tonic - Eclipta prostata as having the ability to "nourish and tonify the Liver and Kidney yin," specific for "Liver and Kidney yin deficiency with dizziness, blurred vision, vertigo and premature graying of the hair." Additionally, it is used within Chinese Traditional medicine to "cool the blood and stop bleeding" and for "yin deficiency patterns with bleeding due to heat in the blood, with such symptoms as vomiting or coughing up blood, nosebleed, blood in the stool, uterine bleeding, and blood in the urine"