EPHEDRA VULGARIS also Known as Somlatha, Ephedra, Evulgaris
Ephedra Vulgaris

Ephedra Vulgaris

Botanical Name
Family Name
Part Used
Common Name
Ephedra Vulgaris
Dried Branches
Drier regions of temperate zone and alpine Himalayas at altitude of 2700m to 3600 m.
Somlatha, Ephedra, Evulgaris


It is Stomachic, Alterative and Diuretic. Alkaloid called "Ephedrine" which helps in controlling Asthma. It is widely used for acute muscular and Bronchial Asthma. It is also used as a headache reliever.

Ephedra vulgaris is significantly helpful in weight loss. It promotes reduction in body weight and body fat. We offer high quality, pure and standardized extract.

It helps to stimulate proper digestion, and as a mouthwash, it can be used for the treatment of painful gums and toothaches.

Echinacea helps the body's natural ability to fight invaders through a natural antibiotic which it contains called echinacoside, which has been compared to penicillin