EVOLVULUS ALSINOIDES also Known as Dwarf Morning-glory, Shankhpushpi, Shankhahuli.
Evolvulus Alsinoides

Evolvulus Alsinoides

Botanical Name
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Common Name
Evolvulus Alsinoides
Whole Plant
Commonly growing throughout india and also cultivated.
Wholeplant, Fruits, Pods
Dwarf Morning-glory, Shankhpushpi, Shankhahuli.


The whole plant of sankhapushpi is used for medicinal purpose, externally; the medicated oil of the herb is useful as a hair tonic, to promote the hair growth. Its paste is also applied externally in skin diseases. Sankhapushpi hair oil prevents the premature graying and failing of hair.

Internally, the plant is used in vast range of diseases. The whole plant juice is traditionally used in various mental disorders. As one of the best phychotropic drugs, sankhapushpi was held in high esteem by the ancient sages of India. In minor memory disturbances, nervous debility and amentia it is widely used as a brain tonic. For this purpose, the decoction of the whole herb with cumin and milk is given. In epilepsy and hysteria, the fresh plant juice of sankhapuspi is recommended with kustha (Saussuarea lappa) powder and honey. Sarasvata choorna is one of the most popular preparations, given along with honey and followed by milk. It is useful to promote intelligence, enhance memory and retention, especially for school-going children. It also curbs the agitation and anxiety, and induces peaceful sleep. Amongst the three main herbal brain tonics - Brahmi, vaca and sankhapushpi, Maharishi Charka acclaims that sankhapushpi is the best of the three. One should note that sankhapushpi is recommended in psychosomatic disorders due to vata dosha, Brahmi in pitta and vaca is kapha. Sankhapushpi siddha purana ghrta medicated old preparation of the herb with ghee, is commonly used in epilepsy and hysteria. The fresh juice of the plant stimulates appetite, is a mild laxative and deflatulent. It also works well as mucolytic and is useful in cough and hoarseness of voice. Sankhapushpi being diuretic is useful in urinary disorders and hypertension. It promotes conception in female and is rewarding as an aphrodisiac in sexual debility in males. It is the great panacea for raktapitta, as it is styptic also. Sankhapushpi is one of the best herbs used as a general tonic and rejuvenative.