FERULA FOETIDA also Known as Asafotida, Devil's Dung, Ingo, Food Of The Gods
Ferula Foetida

Ferula Foetida

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Common Name
Ferula Foetida
Resinous Exudates Of The Root.
Wild in punjab, kashmir, iran and afghanistan,south east asia and throughout out india.
Gum Resin
Asafotida, Devil's Dung, Ingo, Food Of The Gods


The odour of Asafetida is stronger and more tenacious than that of the onion, the taste is bitter and acrid; the odour of the gum resin depends on the volatile oil. It is much used in India and Persia in spite of its offensive odour as a condiment and is thought to exercise a stimulant action on the brain. It is a local stimulant to the mucous membrane, especially to the alimentary tract, and therefore is a remedy of great value as a carminative in flatulent colic and a useful addition to laxative medicine. There is evidence that the volatile oil is eliminated through the lungs, therefore it is excellent for asthma bronchitis, whooping-cough, etc. Owing to its vile taste it is usually taken in pill form, but is often given to infants per rectum in the form of an emulsion. The powdered gum resin is not advocated as a medicine, the volatile oil being quickly dissipated.