FICUS RELIGIOSA also Known as Bodhi Tree, Peepal Tree, Sacred Tree
Ficus Religiosa

Ficus Religiosa

Botanical Name
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Common Name
Ficus Religiosa
Bark, Leaves, Tender Shoots, Latex, Seeds, Fruits.
Found throughout india and also cultivated.
Leaves, Seeds, Bark, Fruit
Bodhi Tree, Peepal Tree, Sacred Tree


Ficus religiosa trees have abundant important medical uses. They are considered as herbs. Six parts of the trees (i.e., seeds, bark, leaves, fruit, latex and roots) are valued for their medicinal qualities. The only part not used for therapeutic purposes is the wood because it is highly porous. Other common names for a Ficus religiosa tree are peepal, pipul, ficus, fig, bodhi and sacred tree. Ficus religiosa is worshiped by the Hindus and Buddhists because it is a very sacred tree in their beliefs.


The leaves are the most useful parts of Ficus religiosa. They can be used for the fresh juice that is extracted from the leaves and the leaves that is put in powdered form. People who do not live near a Ficus religiosa most likely use Ficus religiosa leaves in powered form. The leaves can be used to alleviate fevers, bleeding wounds, constipation, dysentery, bruises, boils and mumps. The leaves can either be consumed or poured on the wound, boil or mump.


The fruit helps support healthy digestive movement. In the case of an upset stomach, taking the powdered form of the fruit with a warm glass of milk will help to settle the stomach, or help purge if necessary. Fresh fruit is also used to treat dehydration and prevent heart disease . They can even be used in emergency situations when a victim consumes poison.


The root is used to alleviate an inflammation. The roots are good for people suffering from gout, in which uric acid builds up in the joints, causing much pain. This form of arthritis can be cured by the use of root because it decreases the levels of uric acid. The root can also be chewed to help prevent gum disease. The bark from the root is particularly helpful to treat lower back pain , stomatitis (any of numerous inflammatory diseases of the mouth) and ulcers.