SWERTIA CHIRATA also Known as Clearing Nut Tree, Bitter Stick, Chirette Indian, Dowa I Pechish, Indian Gentian
Swertia Chirata

Swertia Chirata

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Swertia Chirata
Found in the temperate himalayas at altitudes of 1,200-3,000 m. from kashmir to bhutan and in the khasi hills in meghalaya at 1,200-1,500 m.
Clearing Nut Tree, Bitter Stick, Chirette Indian, Dowa I Pechish, Indian Gentian


The whole plant is used for medicinal purpose. Externally, it is beneficial for cleansing the wounds, with the help of its decoction. Occasionally, the bath of its decoction is given in the cases of skin rash. The skin diseases with oozing, burning sensation and itching respond well to it. Internally, it is commonly used for fevers – acute, chronic as well as recurrent. In these, it imparts its benefits as it is very cooling, bitter and the destroyer of ama. It can be effectively used in epidemics of malaria as a preventive medicine. As a bitter tonic, it is recommended in convalescence, to regain the energy. The decoction of kiratatikta, nadihingu and sunthi is an excellent combination for fevers. Mahasudarsana curna is one of the popular preparations used for the same.

It improves and tones up the digestive system as a whole. The decoction or powder is beneficial to augment the appetite, relieve the constipation and the sensation of excessive thirst. It stimulates the liver and endows anthelmintic activity. Kiratatikta as a blood purifier, wards off the edema. The decoction of kiratatikta and bhrngaraja when given with honey, curbs hyperacidity. In rheumatic diseases, syphilis and chronic fever, it is given along with camphor and shilajit. The powder of kiratatikta or its decoction when given with honey effectively controls vomiting in pregnancy.