GMELINA ARBOREA also Known as Gmelina
Gmelina Arborea

Gmelina Arborea

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Gmelina Arborea
Roots, Fruits, Flowers And Leaves.
It is scattered at an altitude of 5,000 ft. in deciduous forests of india and andamans.


The roots, fruits and the leaves of gambhari have great medicinal value. Externally, the paste of the leaves is applied on the forehead to alleviate the headache, especially in fever. To mitigate the burning sensation of the body, fresh juice of leaves is massaged, with great benefit.

Internally, the roots and fruits of gambhari are used in vast range of diseases. The fruits are recommended in raktapitta, excessive thirst, dysuria, sexual debility in males and habitual abortion. The roots alleviate flatulence, augment the appetite and are salutary in piles, being mild laxative. The cold infusion of candana, ustra, gambhari works well with sugar, to alleviate the thirst. Gambhari roots are helpful in ascites due to vata, as adjunct. The fruits are beneficial as anabolic in tuberculosis to hasten the healing ofcavitation in the lungs. Whereas, the roots alleviate the cough. As the fruit is cooling, it effectively pacifies the pitta dosa and rakta dhatu (blood). Hence, is the drug of choice for raktapitta. The ripened fruit is valuable in heart diseases due to vata. The cold infusion of tea prepared from gambhari fruits is extremely beneficial, mixed with honey and wugar, in fever of pitta origin. Urdhvaga raktapitta, vomiting and burning sensation of the body. For hyperacidity, the gambhari leaves, apamarga roots and the bark-skin of salmali are mashed with cow's milk and are given orally. In dysuria, the decoction of its roots is benevolent. The decoction of gambhari, sariva and guduci roots is an effective medicament for fever of vata type. The fruit alleviates the thirst and burning sensation in fever due to vitiated pitta dosa. The decoction of its roots skin alleviates the uterine oedema in the postpartum period and also augments the quantity of breast milk. The leaves juice, milk and sugar are recommended in inflammatory conditions of urinary bladder and dysuria. Gambhari is a well known bitter tonic and the fruits as general tonic in debility.