HENNA also Known as Henna, Mehandi
Lawsonia Inermis


Botanical Name
Family Name
Part Used
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Common Name
Lawsonia Inermis
Roots, Leaves, Flowers, Seeds
In india, it is scarcely present in dry deciduous forests and cultivated as hedge plant.
Leaves, Seeds, Oil
Henna, Mehandi


The leaves, flowers and seeds are used for medicinal purpose. The external application of the paste of its leaves is useful in burning hands and feet, headache, skin diseases like scabies and ringworm. For hair dyeing, madayantika used along with nilini (Indigofera tinctoria) gives excellent results. Madayantika decoction is an effective gargle in stomatitis and sore throat.

Internally, madayantika is used in vast range of diseases. It in one of the best herbs used to alleviate the burning sensation of body (daha prasamana) like usira, candana, madhuka flowers. In cough, the leaves juice works well with turmeric powder and jaggery to relieve the phlegm. The juice of its leaves induces vomiting, hence always given along with the milk and rock candy. The decoction of its bark skin relieves fever. The decoction of flowers is beneficial to alleviate headache, induce sleep and also to promite intelligence. The madayantika tea is beneficial in heart diseases. The seeds are given along with ghee to combat diarrhea and bleeding. As an adjunct, the juice of leaves is given with cow's milk in diabetes. The decoction of the whole plant is said to be a divine drug for leprosy. Madayantika is beneficial in raktapitta and blood diseases also.

As a medicinal plant, henna has been used for astringent, antihemorrhagic, intestinal antineoplastic, cardio-inhibitory, hypotensive, and sedative effects. It has also been used as a folk remedy against amoebiasis, headache, jaundice, and leprosy. Henna extracts show antibacterial, antifungal, and ultraviolet light screening activity. Henna has exhibited antifertility activity in animals and may induce menstruation. The dried leaf and petiole of henna are generally recognized as safe when used as a color additive for hair.