LEPIDIUM SATIVUM also Known as Garden Cress, Pepper Grass, Garden Pepper Cress, Pepper Wort.
Lepidium Sativum

Lepidium Sativum

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Common Name
Lepidium Sativum
Roots, Leaves And Seeds
Cultivated throughout india as a culinary vegetable.
Garden Cress, Pepper Grass, Garden Pepper Cress, Pepper Wort.


The seeds of candrasura have great medicinal value. The seeds of four plants viz. candrafura, methika, yavani and krsna jiraka are together called as caturbija. The seeds are useful both, internally as well as externally. The paste of seeds is applied in rheumatic joints to relieve the pain and swelling. The pulp of the seeds applied on the painful joints and on haematoma, effectively reduces the pain and swelling. The paste is salutary in the treatment of various skin diseases also.

Internally, candrasura is used with great benefit to alleviate the hiccup. The seeds (20 gm) are soaked in 250 ml. of sater and the cold infusion is recommended to sip frequently. This household remedy is very commonly used and is effective. This infusion also augments the quantity of urine, hence, mitigates dysuria. As a galactogogue and a general tonic it is often used in the postpartum period. The medicated milk (ksirapaka) is prepared for this purpose. It is a very potent galactogogue, a valuable tonic and is also beneficial to relieve the low - back pain. It also works well, in male sexual debility as it has good aphrodisiac property. Candrasura is a keen stimulant to digestive system and its properties like an appetizer, vata alleviator, anti - colic and stool - binding are useful in the conditions loss of appetite, indigestion, flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhea and dysentery. It is a blood purifier and so useful in gout. T relieves the mucous, so salutary in cough and asthma.