Mimusops Elengi, Bullet-wood Tree, Indian Medaller.
Mimusops Elengi

Mimusops Elengi

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Mimusops Elengi
Bark, Flowers, Fruits And Seeds.
Throughout sub-tropical regions i.e. south india and andaman islands in india.
Bullet-wood Tree, Indian Medaller


The bark, flowers, fruit and seeds have great medicinal value. The plant is used both externally as well as internally. Bakula is used externally as a remedy for various odontopathies. Be9ng an astringent and styptic , it is valuable aid in dental ailments like bleeding gums, pyorrhea, dental caries and loose teeth etc. In such conditions, the tender stems are used as tooth brushes or the powder of bark skin is used for cleansing the teeth . A popular combination of powders of its bark skin, roots of kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum), saireyaka (Barleria prionitis) leaves and skin of an almond fruit is burnt into ash and is used to cleanse the teeth and strengthen them. The gargles of decoction of its bark skin and that of khadira (Acacia catechu) are effective in bleeding and swollen gums. The unripe fruit is used as a masticatory and helps to fix loose teeth. The flowers are used for preparing a lotion for wounds and ulcers, the powder of dried flowers is a brain tonic and useful as a snuff to relieve cephalalgia. The extract of flowers is salutary in heart diseases as well. Internally the bark skin and flowers being astringent and styptic in properties are benevolent in leucorrhoea and menorrhagia. Bakula curbs premature ejaculations. It works well as an antidiuretic in polyuria. It alleviates the toxins, hence useful as an anti toxin. The ripened fruit isrewarding as a general tonic in debility and also alleviates the burning sensation of body due to vitiated pitta dosa. The ripened fruits facilitate the urination and the squash prepared from them, alleviates burning micturition and helps elimination of urinary calculi.