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Moringa World Superior PKM1 Variety for Cultivation

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Advantages of Our seeds :

Seed propagated

Annual in habit and bushy in growth.

Precocious bearing-within eight months

High productivity (250-350 fruits / tree / year)

Spread harvest (4 months) -Better prices

Pods green and fleshy and non-bitter.

Uniform fruit length (1mt) -Easy packing.

Pods non-fibrous and seeds soft even in late harvests.

Seeds non-bitter unlike perennial types.

Long shelf life (10-12 days) at room temperature.

Minimal pod damage in transit due to rubbery texture.

Amenable for intercropping in young orchards

Suitable for alley cropping (vegetables and pulses)

Amenable for ratooning twice.

Slow cost of production

Free from hairy caterpillar and gumming.

Soil enrichment through leaf litter-Better successive crops.

Suitable for oil extraction (30-35% )

we will give all our guidance and suggestion for your Moringa Plantation and for by products from Moringa seeds

Moringa Cultivation Methods

Varieties :
PKM1, PKM 2 and KM1.

Soil :
Comes up well a wide range of soil. A deep sandy loan soil with a pH of 6.5-8 is optimum

July- October

Seed Rate:
500g/haSow tow seeds per pit at a depth of 2.5-3.0cm. The seeds can also be sown in the poly bags containing pot mixture and transplanted after 35-40 days of Sowing.

Preparatory cultivation :
Dig pits of size 45 Cm x 45 Cm x 45Cm with spacing of2.0-2.5m either way. Apply 15 Kgs of Compost of FYM/pit after mixing with top soil

After cultivation :
Gap filling may be done within a month. Pinch off the seedlings when they are about 75cm in height to facilitate more branching. Short duration vegetables like Cowpea, Bhendi and Tomato can be grown as intercrop.

A fertilizer dose of 45:15:30 g of NPK/pit may be applied 3 months after sowing. Apply 45 g of N/pit after 6 months when the crop is in bearing.

Irrigation :
Irrigate before sowing and on the 3rd day after sowing and subsequently at 10-15 days interval according to soil type.

Plant Protection -Pests

Fruit Fly :
Spray dichlorvos(1ml/lit) of fenthion1.5ml/lit to control fruit flies when pods are about 20-30 days old. Rake the soil after applying lindane 1.3 at 25 kg/ha

Bud worm, leaf caterpillar and leaf webber:
Dust carbary 10 D at 25 kg/ha or spray carbarly 50WP @ g/lit

Hairy caterpillar :
Use flame torch when the caterpillars settle on the tree trunk
Spray chlorpyriphos 20 EC or quinalphos 25Ec @2ml/lit.

Ratoon Crop :
Cut back the trees at 90cm From Ground level after the harvest is over. In years. Apply the fertilizer dose of 45:15:30 g NPK/Plant, within a week after cutting back along with 25 kg of FYM or compost every year

Yield :
50-55 tonnes of podes/ha (220 pods/tree/year).