MUCUNA PRURIENS also Known as Cowitch, Common Cowitch, Konch.
Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens

Botanical Name
Family Name
Part Used
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Common Name(s)
Mucuna Pruriens
Roots, Seeds, Leaves
Throughout india among hedges & bushes
Leaves, Seeds, Wholeplant, Pods
Cowitch, Common Cowitch, Konch


The roots are bitter, sweet thermogenic emollient, stimulant, purgative, aphrodisiac, diuretic. The leaves are aphrodisiac. The seeds are astringent, laxative, anthelmentic, alexipharmic and tonic. Roots are considered useful to relieve constipation, nephropathy, strangury and ulcers. Leaves are aphrodisiac and useful in cephalagia and general debility