Neem Leaves

Neem Leaves

Neem leaves are widely used to cure a number of human and animal diseases. The physio-chemical properties of neem leaves help to maintain the overall well being. Leaves are also used to manufacture a number of drugs and medicines. They have been traditionally used to give bath to patients suffering from measles or chicken pox.

Neem leaves are generally gathered only from organic trees, this is so, because it ensures the protection of natural elements and reduction of contamination by environmental/synthetic toxins.

Neem leaves can be taken as following:

Raw Leaves

Neem Leaf Extract

Neem Leaf Juice

Neem Leaves Processing

Mature green leaves are collected and allowed to dry partially in shade and are then crushed into powder.

Powdered leaves are then soaked, normally overnight in water (for aqueous extraction) or in organic solvents (for organic extraction); the extract is strained through a cloth the next morning. Aqueous extract is rich in carbohydrates, pigments, water soluble amino acids.

The extract can then be used for desired purpose.

Uses of Neem Leaves in Industries

Neem leaves are extensively used in a number of industries, leaves are either used in the raw form, extracts or in powdered form and is an important ingredient/composition in a number of products.

Pharmaceutical Industry : Neem leaves find a number of use to prevent, cure and treat a number of diseases and ailments. A large number of drugs and herbal medicines have neem leaves as their active ingredient.

Skin Care Products : Used as a potent cure for acne, pimples, blemishes. A large number of herbal product manufacturers make extensive use of neem leaves to make medicated herbal facial creams, lotions, syrups for dermatological problems.

Many drug manufacturers make use of neem leaves for producing important drugs meant for diabetes, blood pressure, psoriasis, malaria, ulcer etc make use of neem leaves as an important composition/ingredient.

Cosmetic Industry : With the increasing popularity of herbs and herbal products, leading manufacturers are using neem leaves in a number of creams, lotions, hair care products such as hair oils, conditioners, hair rejuvenating tonics etc.

Agricultural Industry : Neem leaves are of tremendous use in agricultural industry; the leaves possess insect repellent properties and are used as herbal pesticides, insecticides. Azadirachtin is the principle ingredient used in the manufacture of fertilizers and manure.

Herbal Industry : Neem leaf is an important ingredient used in a number of herbal products, right from skin care to hair care, from oral care to herbal cosmetics. Leaves are used in ayurvedic and unani medicines.