Neem Oil

Neem Oil

Neem Oil Neem tree is being grown on a commercial basis in US and other countries such as India, Burma and Australia for use in various industries like agriculture and cosmetic etc. Neem oil and its extracts are one of the most useful by products of the magical tree. Neem seed oil is the most effective and is widely used for a large number of applications.

Components of Neem Oil

Linoleic Acid
Various Lower Fatty Acids
Palmitic Acid
Stearic Acid
Oleic Acid

The percentage may vary from tree to tree depending on the method of processing and place of processing

Mechanical Press Method : This method is one of the oldest methods of processing oil. Seeds are placed in a tub or container and a form of press or screw is used to squeeze the seeds until the oil is pressed out and collected

Steam and High Pressure Method : This method makes use of high pressure extraction method to squeeze out oil from seeds. Seeds are heated in steam and under high pressure enabling maximum extraction of oil. This method is not very good as most of the active ingredients and compounds are destroyed by high temperature.

Solvent Extraction Method : One of the most used methods of extracting neem oil, it uses a solvent, preferably an petroleum solvent/alcohol solvent for processing oil. It ensures maximum extraction of oil.

Cold Pressed Method :This method of extracting oil is the most used by leading manufacturers though it is more expensive than the other methods.

Uses of Neem Oil in Various Industries

Cosmetic Industry : Neem bark, seed and leaf oil is being increasingly used in manufacturing a large number of skin products, body lotions, beauty care facial packs in combination with other natural ingredients. The herbal cosmetic industry is in the boom stage, this is an open invitation for the neem oil manufacturers to produce high quality neem oil for use in the cosmetic industry, all around the globe.

Agricultural Industry : The principle ingredient in Azadirachtin found naturally in neem seed oil is being used the world over for manufacturing :

Natural Pesticide

Natural Insecticide

Natural Fungicide

Herbal Medicine Industry : Neem seed, leaf and bark oil is used to manufacture herbal medicines. It can be used as raw neem oil, oil extract to be used in wide medicinal applications.

Types of Neem Oil

Neem Essential Oil

Neem Seed Oil