NERIUM INDICUM also Known as Indian Oleander, Exile Tree.
Nerium Indicum

Nerium Indicum

Botanical Name
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Common Name
Nerium Indicum
Roots, Leaves
Cultivated throughout india.
Leaves, Wholeplant, Stem
Indian Oleander, Exile Tree.


A large evergreen shrub with milky juice, frequently grown in gardens for its fragrant showy flowers.

The active principle of the leaves is a cardiotonic substance named oleandrin. It has anti-inflammatory and stimulant properties. The roots, bark and seeds contain cardio-active glycosides, formerly designated as neriodorin, neriodorein and karabin, which are anti-inflammatory and stimulant, good pain relievers.

A paste of the root is used as an external application in hemorrhoids, chancres and ulcerations. An oil extracted from the root bark is used in skin diseases of a scaly nature. The fresh juice of leaves is dropped into the eyes for inducing lachrymation in ophthalmia.