PAPAVER SOMNIFERUM also Known as Poppy Seeds, Aphium Opium Poppy, White Poppy, Posta
Papaver Somniferum

Papaver Somniferum

Botanical Name
Family Name
Part Used
Product offered
Common Name
Papaver Somniferum
Seeds, Flowers
Cultivated on large scale at altitude of 1500m - 2100m
Poppy Seeds, Aphium Opium Poppy, White Poppy, Posta


Poppy is widely used for medicinal purposes, in the form of poppy-based drugs like morphine, codeine, narcotine, laudenine, papaverine and other alkaloids.

Poppy-based medicines are considered the most effective way of relieving severe pain.

It is a stimulant that induces euphoria and helps get rid of anxieties, tensions, fears and inhibitions.

Poppy seeds contain cough suppressant and analgesic properties and are often recommended to relieve minor pains.

The plant is used to treat intestinal stomach spasms and respiratory spasms triggered by asthma attacks.

It is used to remedy bladder, bruises, cancer, cold, catarrh, colic, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, dysentery, enteritis, fever, flux, headache, hemicrania, hypertension, hypochondria, hysteria, inflammation, insomnia, malaria, mania, melancholy, nausea, neuralgia, otitis, prolapse, rheumatism, snakebites, sprains, swelling, toothaches, tumors, ulcers and warts

Opium poppy is used to treat cancers of the skin, stomach, tongue, uterus, spleen, breast, ear, nose and vagina.

It is frequently administered to relieve pain and calm excitement.

The plant provides two main food ingredients, namely, poppy seed and poppy seed oil.

The seeds do not contain opium and are extensively used in baking and sprinkling on rolls and bread.

Poppy seeds are a source of a drying oil that is used for manufacturing paints, varnishes and soaps.

Its oil cakes serve as a fodder for cattle.