PIPER CUBEBA also Known as Cubeb, Java Pepper, Tailed Cubebs, Tailed Pepper
Piper Cubeba

Piper Cubeba

Botanical Name
Family Name
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Common Name
Piper Cubeba
Dried Unripe Berries
Native of india and cultivated in southern region
Cubeb, Java Pepper, Tailed Cubebs, Tailed Pepper


Sanskrit texts included cubeb in various remedies. Charaka and Sushruta prescribed a cubeb paste as a mouthwash, and the use of dried cubebs internally for oral and dental diseases, loss of voice, halitosis, fevers, and cough. Unani physicians use a paste of the cubeb berries externally on male and female genitals to intensify sexual pleasure during coitus. Due to this attributed property, cubeb was called "Habb-ul-Uruus".It is often used in cooking as a ready substitute for the more familiar White or Black peppers. Cubeb Berry is also used for its fragrance in soaps and perfumes, and can be found as a flavoring in foods and tobacco. As an herbal medicine, Cubeb Berry is considered a carminative, diuretic, expectorant, stimulant and antiseptic. The herb has often been associated with the reproductive system and has been used to treat cystitis, leukorrhea, urethritis and prostate infections, and has often been used in the treatment of gonorrhea. Cubeb Berry has been shown to be effective in easing the symptoms of chronic bronchitis and has also been used for digestive ailments. The herb is believed to be effective in treating dysentery. Cubeb Berry also has a local stimulating effect on the mucous membranes of the urinary and respiratory tracts. Its actions regarding genital problems have led many to believe that Cubeb Berry has aphrodisiacal properties and is often used in traditional love spells.

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