PIPER LONGUM also Known as Long Papper, Pipli
Piper Longum

Piper Longum

Botanical Name
Family Name
Part Used
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Common Name(s)
Piper Longum
Fruit, Root, Stem
Most deciduus to evergreen forests
Seeds, Roots, Fruit, Stem
Long Papper, Pipli


The fruit, commonly known as pippali itself and its root, called as pippali mula are used for medicinal purpose. Pippali is seldom used externally, in case of painful and swollen conditions, wherein its paste is applied. Though it has mild antiseptic property, it is an irritant to the skin and manifistates allergic reactions. Internally, pippali is invaluable in vast range of diseases.

Pippali is the best drug recommended in the disorders of the spleen. It is a powerful stimulant for the digestive and respiratory systems. It is strongly heating and removes cold, congestion and ama – the undigested toxic elements and revives the weakened organic functions. It is also a rejuvenative to lungs and kapha dosha. Trikatu is the most popular formulation used to mitigate the diseases due to kapha dosha, to digest ama and also it increases the bioavailability of the drug, when it is used as a complementary medicine.

Pippali is beneficial as a brain tonic and in the diseases of vata. The decoction is effectively used in sciatica and hemiplegia. Being the best rejuvenative, pippali sidda ghrta is useful in tuberculosis, cough and with the ghee and honey, it reduces the frequency of paroxysms in bronchial asthma. It also helps controlling hiccup, when given with honey. It boosts the reproductive system too, hence, is used as an aphrodisiac. It also works well in amenorrhea.

Causasti pippali is one of the unique preparations, which is prepared by fortifying the pippali powder by triburating it with the decoction of pippali itself, for the duration of 8 days (64 prahara). It makes pippali very potent and fortified, so used in very small doses. Pippali mula, the root of pippali is used in the respiratory ailments, flatulence and to induce sleep and relieve abdominal colicky pain.