PIPER NIGRUM also Known as Black Pepper, Peppercorns
Piper Nigrum

Piper Nigrum

Botanical Name
Family Name
Part Used
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Common Name
Piper Nigrum
Dried Unripe Fruits, Usually Known As Peppercorns
Extensively cultivated in hotter and moist part of india
Wholeplant, Fruits
Black Pepper, Peppercorns


Black pepper is used particularly for stomach and digestive disorders and colds and bronchitis. It also finds use in conditions like neuralgia and scabies. External application helps to relieve pain due to cold and neuralgia, piles and various skin diseases. In Indian medicine it is used as an aromatic stimulant in cholera, weakness following fevers and vertigo, as an antiperiodic in malaria and for arthritic disease; Trikatu is used to enhance the bio-availability and efficacy of other medicines. In Chinese medicine it is used to improve the appetite and in the treatment of cold, influenza, pains of the upper abdomen, diarrhoea and epilepsy.