PLUMBAGO INDICA also Known as Fire Plant, Rosy-flowered Leadwort.
Plumbago Indica

Plumbago Indica

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Plumbago Indica
Throughout india in moist situations and also cultivated.
Fire Plant, Rosy-flowered Leadwort.


The roots of Scarlet leadwort is said to increase the digestive power and promote appetite. It is a powerful irritant and has well marked antiseptic properties. A liniment made from bruised root mixed with a little bland oil is used as a rubefacient in rheumatism, paralytic affections, in enlarged glands, buboes etc. This herb cures certain cases of leucoderma. It is also useful for other skin diseases and for scorpion-sting. Scraped root is introduced into the mouth of the womb to procure illegal abortion. A tincture of the root is used in secondary syphilis, in leprosy and also in dyspepsia, piles, flatulence, loss of appetite and other digestive complaints. It is a good remedy to check post partum hemorrhage The root is acrid, vesicant, abortifacient and a stimulant. Applied in bland oil, it is used externally or internally in rheumatism and paralytic afflictions. The root is powerful sialogogue and a remedy for secondary syphilis, leprosy and leucoderma. The milky juice of the plant is used in ophthalmia and in scabies.