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Pongamia seeds

Pongamia seeds

Genius Nature Herbs Private Limited offer superior quality Pongamia seeds that is used to create bio-fuel and diesel, used in modern engines. These are also extensively used in leather industry, soap making and lubricant manufacturing. Our clients can avail it at industry leading prices.

Botanical Name
Common Name
Pongamia Pinnata
Fabaceae (Leguminaceae)
Indian Beech, Poongam oil tree, Honge, Ponge.


Seeds, stem, leaves, fruit, root and oil from the seeds.

Constituents : Seeds contain bitter (in taste as well as smell) pale, fatty, sherry (brown) coloures oil 27 to 36.4 p.c known as Pongamia oil (Pongamik) or Honge oil. Beside the fixed oil the seeds contain traces of an essential oil.

Bark contains a bitter alkaloid, resin, mucilage, sugar but no tannin. Leaves also contain a bitter substance. Karanjin a crystalline constituent of the oil. The new compound Karanjin; (S18 H12 O4) has been shown to be the methylether of Karanjonol which possesses feeble tinctorial properties. Acetyl and benzoyl derivatives and the ethyl ether of Karanjonol are also described. On hydrolysis Karanjin gives (1) benzoic acid (2)a phenolic body. (3) Karanjol carboxylic acid which melts at 200 celcius with decoposition, and (4) a neutral, sweet smelling liquid with Ketonic properties B.P. about 230 celcius. The fatty acid present in the oil include myristic 0.23; palmitic 6.06; stearic 2.19; arachidic 4.30; lignoceric 3.22; dihydroxysrearic 4.36; lino lenic 0.46; linolic 9.72 and oleic acid 61.30 percent, together with 3.56 percent, of unsaponifiable matter.

Action :

Expressed oil from the seeds has antisperic and stimulant healing properties. Oil appears to be an active sgebt as the residue after expression is inert

Seeds, leaves, root and oil are anti parasitics; they destroy both vegetable and animal parasites is skin diseases. .

Bark is astringent. Powdered seeds are a febrifuge and tonic,and have expectorant properties. Leaves are also cholagogue.

Uses :

Oil is applied to skin diseases, in scabies, stores, and the like cases of eczema have been benefited by applying a mixture of the oil and zinc oxide (1 drachm to 1 ounce of the oil). Internally the oil has sometimes been used as a stomachic and cholagogue in case of dyspepsia with sluggish liver An embrocation made of equal parts of the oil and lemon juice is an application in rheumatism (muscular and articular), I psoriasis, porrigo capitis and pityriasis. Decoction of the leaves is applied as bath or fomentation to rheumatic joints. Leaves are also used in diarrhea and in cough. Juice of the stem, leaves and root is useful similarly.

For destroying worms of foul ulcers and fistulous sores, juice of the root by itself or with that of Neem and Nirgund or the leaves of all of these ground into a paste are used. Juice with coconut milk and lime water well shaken and in obstinate cases with hydnocarpus oil, camphor and sulphur added, is a remedy for gonorrhoea; juice of the root by itself is also internally given in gonorrhoea and urethritis; poultice of the leaves is used in ulcers infested with maggots; and juice of the leaves is useful in flatulency, dyspepsia and diarrhea. Pulp of the seed is and application is asthenic and debilitation conditions.

They are also used very commonly in bronchitis and whooping cough. Young leaves are applied to bleeding piles. Bark is useful internally in bleeding piles. Dried flowers in powder in combination with other ingredients is given as decoction in diabetes to quench thirst. Flowers are used as a remedy for diabetes.Pods are worn round neck in whooping cough. Seeds of Pongamia are powdered after decoction and given as a specific for whooping cough and harassing cough. For infants and young children, dose is form 1 to 5 grains according to age. For those above 12 years, dose is 15 grains. Powder should not be wrapped in paper as paper absorbs it oil. Powder loses efficacy on being kept and should, there fore, be prepared fresh. Used in scorpion-sting.

Available Varities :

Pongamia Pinnata seeds and Seedlings

Pongamia Glabra

Millettia Pinnata

Fresh fruits are appetizer, astringent, alleviative of thirst and generative of phlegm. Ripe fruit is refrigerant, appetizer and alleviative of bile and thirst

Available Parts : seeds and Live Plants

Available Quantity : 100 Metric tons per month