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Pterocarpus Santalinus


Botanical Name
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Pterocarpus Santalinus
The drier, hilly zones of deciduous forests
Red Sandal Wood,red Saunders,ruby Wood


The heartwood and fruits of Rakta chandana have great medicinal value. It reduces the burning sensation, arrests bleeding, alleviates edema and ameliorates various skin disorders, hence, is an effective external application as a paste, in burning sensation, headache, dermatoses and ophthalcopathies. It is extremely beneficial, especially in vitiated conditions of pitta. Externally, the mixture of Rakta chandana, guduci, vamsalocana and gairika (Hematite or Red lumbar); mixed with ghee, is applied on burns and scalds. The decoction of its heartwood promotes the wound healing.

Internally, it is salutary in burning sensation of the body when given along with rice water. In hiccup, it is recommended with saindhava - rock salt. It effectively alleviates menorrhagia, when combined with vamsalocana and ghee. The decoction prepared of raktacandana, guduci, padmakastha, minba and dhanyaka, is a valuable panacea for vomiting. Raktacandana is also beneficial in diarrhea, hyperdipsia (excessive thirst), fever, blood and skin disorders etc. The fruits are tonic, astringent and are useful in chronic dysentery. The oil of Rakta chandana is useful orally, in gonorrhea.