MORINGA OLEIFERA also Known as Moringa, Horse Radish Tree, Drumstick Tree, Sahijan.

Genius Nature Herbs Private Limited India Pvt Ltd is the organisation is firm in quality and purity of the Raw materials.. we supply the Herbs Raw Material for the future community . we are very cautious in this aspects.

so we perform lot of tests and investigations for maintaining the quality of the products

Sourcing the materials :

we source our products from Natural and Non contaminated Places in which the herbs grow naturally and with active Ingredients

Features :

We prefer the products is mainly Organic resource
Atmospherical Purity of the growing area
Secured Plantation with Hygeinic practice of Herbs

Purification of The Products :

Physical Grading
Mechancial Grading
Foriegn Body Deductors
Product Manufacturing or Processing under sterile condition
ETO and Required Sterilisation
Gamma Sterilisation

Quality Inspection :

The products undergo lot of tests to ensure the purity and quality of the products . we made tie up with Various leading Testing organisation and facitlities in India..

Some of procedures :

Contents Analysis
Active Ingredient Testing
Microbial Testing
Microbiological Testings
Liquid , Gas and thin Layer Chromato Graphy