SALACIA RETICULATA also Known as Salacia, Kotalahimbatu, Marking Nut Tree, Saptarangi.
Salacia Reticulata

Salacia Reticulata

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Salacia Reticulata
Throughout india mainly in forests.
Salacia, Kotalahimbatu, Marking Nut Tree, Saptarangi.


Its principal use in traditional, Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of diabetes is near legendary. It was believed to be so potent that patients were told to simply drink water left to sit overnight in a cup made from the wood of the plant. Yet, until only recently the antidiabetic effect of Salacia remained a mystery.

Salacia Reticulata contains Salaretin and mangiferin which reduces the sugar level and protect the body from any secondary side effect of Diabetes. Mangiferin in Salacia Reticulata inhibits the formation of LDL and thus maintains the blood lipid profiles. Indian Research has shown that Salacia Reticulata also has Hepatoprotective effects. As such, it is also used as a liver tonic. Salacia Reticulata is very effective in case of Rheumatism, Menstrual disorders, skin diseases, inflammations, spermatorrhoea