SARACA ASOCA also Known as Asok, Ashok, Asogam, Wu You Hua, Osaka.
Saraca Asoca

Saraca Asoca

Botanical Name
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Common Name(s)
Saraca Asoca
Bark, Leaves, Flowers, Seeds
Throughout india in evergreen forests.
Asok, Ashok, Asogam, Wu You Hua, Osaka


Traditional system of Indian Medicine shows it to be effective against cases like Uterine fibroids, Dysmenorrhea, Hemorrhoids and Leucorrhoea.
It is the plant that is helpful for combating a great number of Gynecological disorders.
In general Saraca asoca is considered as best female tonic.
Diuretic, tonic, cooling, aphrodisiac and the dried fruits are used in cases of spermatorrhoea, phosphaturia, diseases of genito-urinary tract such as dysuria, gonorrhea, chronic cystitis, calculus affections, urinary disorders, incontinence of urine, gout and impotence also in uterine disorders after parturition.
The seeds are strengthening and the ash of plant is good for external application in rheum-arthritis.