SENEGA ROOTS also Known as Senega Roots, Seneca Snakeroot
Polygala Vulgaris

Senega Roots

Botanical Name
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Common Name
Polygala Vulgaris
Cultivated in india
Senega Roots, Seneca Snakeroot


Senega root makes a persistent stimulant, which mainly influences the respiratory membranes, though the influence also extends to other mucous membranes, all the secretory organs, the uterus and the circulation.

The herb promotes a smooth flow of saliva, stimulates expectoration, and causes an odd irritating sensation in the feces. It is chiefly used as an expectorant in old coughs, asthma, and respiratory debility. The stimulant action of the root on the bronchial mucus membranes facilitates the coughing up of mucus from the chest. This makes wheezing easy.

The plant is believed to possess sweat-inducing and diuretic properties. The leaves are also used for preparing tea.