SIDA CORDIFOLIA also Known as Bala, Country Mallow
Sida Cordifolia

Sida Cordifolia

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Sida Cordifolia
Whole Plant
It is a common weed distributed throughout tropical and sub-tropical india and ceylon in waste places and jungles upto an altitude of 1050 m.
Bala, Country Mallow


This is one the most often used Ayurvedic herbs because it simultaneously balances all three laws of the physiology (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), a rare effect. Bala is primarily known for giving stamina or inner strength.

It helps balance proper amounts of the male hormone, testosterone, and increases sexual desire. Bala has a Vrishya effect, meaning that it enhances the quality and quantity of reproductive fluids (Shukra Dhatu) for conception of healthy offspring.

It builds general immunity (the word Bala can actually be translated as immunity). It is a good Rasayana (overall tonic and longevity enhancer).

Bala is a good tonic for the lungs. Bala contains five of the six tastes, a very rare property indicating that it provides nourishment of all aspects of nature's intelligence (the five Mahabhutas).