SOLANUM INDICUM also Known as Poison Berry, Indian Nightshade, African Eggplant, Bush Tomato, Ntunfulu
Solanum Indicum

Solanum Indicum

Botanical Name
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Common Name(s)
Solanum Indicum
Roots, Berries
Throughout india in the plains and at low elevations.
Seeds, Wholeplant, Fruits
Poison Berry, Indian Nightshade, African Eggplant, Bush Tomato, Ntunfulu


The roots and fruits are used for medicinal purpose. The herb is useful both internally as well as externally. Externally, the fresh juice of brhati is applied in alopecia areata with honey. The mixture of powders of brhati fruit, haridra and daruharidra rhizomes is beneficial, topically, in pruritus vulvae to alleviate intense itching. In halitosis (bad breath), the gargle with the decoction of brhati is an effective deodorant. The paste of its seeds is applied on the penis, in erectile failure, with great benefit. The inhalation of its seeds powder like snuff is a good stimulant in samjnanasa. The paste of brhati alleviates pain and itching.

Internally, brhati is used in vast range of diseases. The fruit fuice mixed with honey and ghee prepared from cow’s milk effectively curbs vomiting. The plant is beneficial in various digestive ailments like loss of appetite, abdominal pain, distaste, worms and colitis. In respiratory problems like colds, cough, asthma , sinusitis, pleurisy the decoction of its roots works well with the fruit powder of pippali )Piper Iongum). The cough due to kapha and vata are controlled with the decoction of its roots given along with the honey and ghee. Respectively. Being hot and sharp in properties, brhati liquefies the phlegm and relieves the blocked mucous and clears off the respiratory channels. It is the best blood purifier, hence, benevolent in blood disorders. Brhati stimulates and strengthens the heart and ameliorates the oedema. It also works well in dysuria and urinary calculi as it is diuretic in action. In fever, it is of special benefit, as it digests ama for which, its decoction is recommended with sunthi and dhanyaka. The seeds boost uterine contraction, so are used in dysmenorrheal, amenorrhea and in difficult labour. The seeds also bestow an aphrodisiac action. In urinary disorders like dysuria, urinary stones and cystitis, the medicated ghee of its roots brhati mula siddha ghrta, is commonly used. Brhati is useful in various deramatoses.