SOLANUM NIGRUM also Known as Black Night Shade, Makoy, Deadly Nightshade
Solanum Nigrum

Solanum Nigrum

Botanical Name
Family Name
Part Used
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Common Name(s)
Solanum Nigrum
Fruits, Whole Plant
Grows as a weed all over dry parts of india
Seeds, Wholeplant, Fruits
Black Night Shade, Makoy, Deadly Nightshade


The juice of black nightshade is sometimes used to treat fever and alleviate pain.

Its fruit is used as a cosmetic; as rubbing its seeds on the cheeks helps remove freckles. Children extensively eat the mature fruit. It has been used for diabetes as well.

In Northern India, the boiled extracts of its leaves and fruits are used to alleviate the discomfort caused by liver-related ailments, even in jaundice.

The leaves of black nightshade plant strongly promote perspiration, when ingested in small amounts. They work to purge the bowels the next day.

The juice of the herb or an ointment prepared from it is externally applied to cure certain skin problems and tumors.

A decoction of the stalk, leaves, and roots of black nightshade is beneficial for wounds and cancerous sores.

Its berries are poisonous, but boiling them is believed to destroy the toxic substances and make them safe to be used for preserves, jams, and pies.

An infusion of the plant is used as an enema in infants suffering from abdominal upsets. Freshly prepared extract of the plant is effective in treating cirrhosis of the liver and also works as an antidote to poisoning by opium.