SYZYGIUM CUMINI also Known as Eugenia Jambolana, Plum, Black Plum, Jaman, Jambolan
Syzygium Cumini

Syzygium Cumini

Botanical Name
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Common Name
Syzygium Cumini
Seeds, Leaves, Fruits, Bark
Throughout india, in forests upto 1,800 m usually along river banks and also cultivated.
Leaves, Seeds, Bark, Fruits
Eugenia Jambolana, Plum, Black Plum, Jaman, Jambolan


The fruit and seeds are used in the treatment of diabetes. Research has shown that it has significant hypoglycemic action in both the urine and blood and, therefore, of value to diabetics. A number of herbal medicines are proving helpful in this area, including the bilberry as well as jambul. Tests show that even small amounts of jambul will rapidly reduce blood and urine sugar levels. Almost all the parts of the tree are used in folk medicine. The fruits are used as an astringent and to treat diarrhoea and are eaten to relieve the symptoms of diabetes. The bark and seeds are also popular antidiabetic agents in many parts of India. Extracts of the bark are given as an astringent for chronic diarrhoea in adults and in children are mixed with goats' milk. The bark is also used for mouth freshening and to treat disorders of the gums and teeth.