TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS also Known as Land Caltrops, Puncture Vine, Gokhru
Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

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Tribulus Terrestris
Whole Plant, Seeds
Throughout india, upto 5400 m, as a weed along roadsides and waste places
Seeds, Wholeplant, Fruits
Land Caltrops, Puncture Vine, Gokhru


Roots and fruits are sweet, cooling, diuretic, aphrodisiac, emollient, appetizer, digestive, anthelmintic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, laxative, cardiotonic, styptic and tonic. They are useful in strangury, dysuria, renal and vesical calculi, anorexia, dyspepsia, helminthiasis, cough, asthma, inflammations, cardiopathy, spermatorrhoea, anaemia, scabies, ophthalmia and general weakness.

Leaves are astringent, diuretic, aphrodisiac, depurative, anthelmintic and tonic, they are useful in gonorrhoea, inflammation, menorrhagia, strangury, leprosy, skin diseases and general weakness. Seeds are astringent, strengtheningand are useful in haemorrhages and ulcerative stomatitis.

Fruit is diuretic and tonic and is used for the treatment of calculous affections and painful micturition. Paste prepared from leaves is used in treatment of stones in the bladder.. It is commonly used as a non-irritant diuretic antiseptic in the treatment of dysurea, urinary stone and other urinary problems. It is also used in a number of herbal medicines to treat headaches, eye problems such as conjunctivitis, blurred vision and itching.

It is extremely useful in the treatment of nervousness, high blood pressure and rib pain. It is known to provide relief in prostrate problems. Tribulus contains Sterols like betasitosterols and stigma that are known to protect the prostrate from swelling and also protect it from cancer when combined with X steroidal saponins.

Tribulus terrestris is most commonly used in the treatment of impotence and spermaturia or pre mature ejaculation. It increases the level of the luteinizing hormone in the body and boosts the synthesis of testicular male sex hormone. It is also used in the treatment of gout.

Its hormone balancing effects make it an excellent herb for women during pre menstrual syndrome (PMS).Testosterone helps build muscle mass and is great for body building enthusiasts. Tribulus boosts the libido and has a positive effect on the bone marrow activity for red blood cell production.It is also known to augment the immune system.