VALERIANA WALLICHII also Known as Valerian, Indian Valerian, Valerian Jatamansi, Taggar
Valeriana Wallichii

Valeriana Wallichii

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Common Name
Valeriana Wallichii
Temperate zone of north western himalayas upto an altitude of 3000 m
Valerian, Indian Valerian, Valerian Jatamansi, Taggar


Valeriana wallichii is mainly used in different pharmaceutical or medical manufacturing for the proper cure of migraine. The vigorous ingredient if the derivation of Indian valerian is collection of valerenol, valerenic acid, valtrate, valerenone, Isovaltrate.

It is anti spasmodic, stimulant, carminative and stomachic. It is useful in diseases of eye, blood and livers. It is used as a remedy for hysteria, hypochondriasis, nervous unrest and emotional stress.

Also useful in clearing voice and acts as stimulant in advance stage of fever and nervous disorder. The paste of roots mashed in water is applied on forehead to alleviate the pain. Externally, the paste of its roots is applied in wounds for better healing.