VITEX NEGUNDO also Known as Chaste Tree, Huang Ping, Gattilier Incise, Huang Ching, Lenggundi, Man Ching, Negundo Chastetree
Vitex Negundo

Vitex Negundo

Botanical Name
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Common Name
Vitex Negundo
Whole Plant
Wasteland up to 2000 metres in the himalayas
Seeds, Roots
Chaste Tree, Huang Ping, Gattilier Incise, Huang Ching, Lenggundi, Man Ching, Negundo Chastetree


The roots, fruits, flowers, leaves and bark of nirgundi have great medicinal value and are used for medicinal purpose externally as well as internally. Externally, nirgundi decoction is used for steam bath for arthritis, joint pains and sciatica. Particularly, nirgundi is very effective in alleviating the low back pain. The dried leaves when smoked are said to relieve catarrh and headache. Oil prepared with the juice is applied to sinuses and scrofulous sores. Oil is used also as bathing oil for rubbing on the head and in cervical lymphadenitis. The oil is also found to be salutary for sloughing wounds and ulcers. In premature graying of hair and scalp infections like pediculosis and lice, the oil is applied with great benefit. Decoction of nirgundi leaves is an effective gargle in stomatitis and sore throat. The poultice of hot leaves applied on swollen and painful joints, effectively mitigates the pains. Medicated oil is beneficial in suppurative otitis. The tub-bath of the decoction of its leaves is rewarding in sciatica, epididymo-orchitis and uterine inflammations.

Internally, nirgundi is salubrious in vast range of diseases. It is used in vitiated conditions of vata like sciatica, arthritis, headache, spondylosis as a pain killer. The leaves juice is given along with cow’s urine, as a panacea for splenic pathology, associated with ascites. Nirgundi is extremely beneficial in cough, asthma, bronchitis and inflammatory conditions of pleura. Being diuretic, it is valusble in strangury to facilitate the micturition. The skin affections associated with pruritus are effectively ameliorated with nirgundi. The juice of leaves combined with honey, alleviates fever. Nirgundi is an influencial herb in vitiated conditions of vata, like hysteria, epilepsy, insomnia, vertigo etc. and works well as a brain tonic as well. It is a good rejuvenating plant in general debility. It works well as a rasayana with silajita (Black Bitumen).